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Safety tools to make your construction site more productive and safer

Safety tools to make your construction site more productive and safer

It is without a doubt that construction sites are risky and surrounded with hazards. The activities involve risky maneuvers that can result in slips, trips, and falls. Similarly, materials or manual handling and working around heavy machinery are among common construction site hazards. That’s where there’s a dire need to use strict safety precautions including use of safety and protective equipment. 

Every construction site is unique and so are the hazards involved. For example, working on scaffolding presents a different set of hazards as compared with a road project that doesn’t involve activities of working at height. So, it is an important aspect for the health and safety experts to identify hazards and minimize the risks with use of safety tools and gadgets. 

By employing efficient work safety habits, avoiding dangers, and hazards, a project manager can enhance the productivity of their team. With such, it will be easier to hand over deliverables well before the deadlines and earn a good reputation as a company. 

Here are some safety tools that can make your construction more productive and safer,     

First aid kit

Construction industry workers are exposed to toxic and corrosive materials in the workplace. That’s why it is important to ensure quick first aid at the workplace. The availability of a first aid kit ensures your employee’s health and safety. There are higher chances of workplace related injury in a construction site than a regular office. First aid kits help with cleaning minor cuts, scrapes, scratches, treating minor burns, applying bandages, applying non-prescription medicines, as well as drinking certain fluids to relieve heat stress. A typical first aid kit includes gloves, bandages, medical tape, tweezers, gauze pads, rolls, medical scissors, and adhesive bandages. 

Use of safety gloves

Construction workers need to use their hands for a wide range of on-site activities including picking heavy objects and pulling sharp objects. Safety gloves not only protect the fingers and hands from different types of injuries but also enhance the grip and comfort ability for workers. 

High quality safety gloves protect hands and fingers from cuts, abrasion to chemical exposure and electrical shock. Gloves come in a variety of material kinds that offer good protection against a variety of dangers. These gloves are also crucial while working along concrete chemicals and admixtures. It helps protect skin absorption of harmful substances, chemical and thermal burns. The most common type of gloves for general projects where high-level protection isn’t needed are cotton gloves or fabric gloves.


Coveralls are exceptional protective equipment used in construction sites. They not only keep workers safe from hazards but also protect from harmful chemicals or splashes. They are made with strong protective fabric that is high-visibility to improve the way how well other people see each other. It also helps to keep dirt and grime off the clothes. Keeping in mind the type of project, there are six different types of coveralls. They include basic or standard, fire-resistant, waterproof, one-time use, high-visibility, and electric resistance ones. Each of the types has its own purpose, so it is best to know the job requirements before picking one. 

Dust Mask

Dust masks or FFRs are negative pressure air purifying respirators that are quite effective in preventing inhalation of dust in the air and protecting lungs. The dust mask captures the dust when you pull air while inhaling. The dust mask has to be of suitable sizes to fit your face property. Normal dust masks don’t filter out chemical vapors. Nevertheless, the efficiency of dust filter material varies. 

There are three different cartridges available in the market with efficiency levels, those of  95%, 99%, and 99.97%. The efficiency is normally represented as N95 that means the filter is 95% efficient. Whether you’re engaged in general woodworking or are simply involved in general construction, dust masks are a must to have as protective equipment.  

Ear Muffs

Construction sites are too noisy and loud noises on job sites can damage hearing. Hazardous noises at work can cause hearing difficulty especially for equipment producing noise of 85 dBA level. That’s where the use of Earmuffs or ear guards is crucial. They are a type of personal protective equipment (PPE) that not only protect the wearer’s ear from excessive noise pollution but also protect ears from dust or temperature variations.

They are typically made with thermoplastics and sponges in the shape of cups. Ideally, the ear plugs and earmuffs have to be custom-made to fit the worker’s ear. So, if you’re involved in working around heavy equipment or are exposed to demolition work; it is important to protect oneself from hearing damage or loss. 

The bottom line…

It is very clear that Personal Protective Equipment or Safety Equipment is an important requirement in construction projects. Construction projects lead all other trades in workspace related injuries and fatalities. If you are in the construction industry, you may agree with us that common injuries in your workplace include that to the lungs, head, eyes, ears and skin. Overall, whether you’re involved in construction projects or are undertaking renovation work or maybe a DIY project at home; it is important to use high quality safety equipment to enhance your efficiency and avoid any possible damaging situation to yourself or your team. 

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