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Free two-day shipping on domestic orders $350+ (some exclusions apply)


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Hobson Engineering was established by Mr Ron Hobson in 1935 at Alexandria. Although only having a small product range, the name became synonymous with precision and quality. Hobson Engineering is certified to ISO9001. 

Hobson Engineering has expanded significantly from its early roots in a local based Sydney manufacturing operation to now being the largest fastener company in its chosen product range in Australia. This position has been gained through building strong partnerships with suppliers and customers. 

In 2011 Hobson Engineering became the master distributor in Australia of Schnorr® disc springs, load and safety washers, Nord-Lock® vibration proof fasteners and Bumax® high tensile stainless steel. Hobson's industry leading reputation for quality, innovation, dependability, distribution, stock depth and massive product range made Hobson the clear choice for Schnorr®, Nord-Lock® and Bumax®.