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Free two-day shipping on domestic orders $350+ (some exclusions apply). Phone to check your item is in stock before picking up

Hobson Mungo MIT-SE Plus Vinylester Mortar Styrene Free Ctg. Pack of 12

by Hobson
$523.01 inc.GST


  • European Technical Assessment Option 1 for cracked and non-cracked concrete with anchor rod and with rebar used as anchor
  • European Technical Assessment according to ETAG 029 for use in masonry
  • European Technical Assessment for post-installed rebar connections
  • German National Approval for post-installed rebar connections
  • ICC-ES Report ESR-3410
  • Assessment of resistance under fire exposure F30-F120
  • Assessment of resistance under fire exposure F180 (Rebar)
  • VOC free according to Swiss legislation and certified A+ according to DEVL 1101903D / DEVL 1104875A
  • LEED - Test Report
  • Certification for drinking water systems
  • The anchor may also be used under seismic influence for performance category C1
  • Universal mortar for highest loads in almost all building materials
  • Fast curing
  • Variable setting depth
  • Application also in wet and water-filled drill holes
  • Suitable for overhead fixings
  • Styrene free and low odour
  • Colour of mortar: grey
  • Indoor (zinc plated) and outdoor (stainless steel) applications


  • post-installed rebar connections
  • steel constructions
  • wooden constructions
  • fa??ades
  • fa??ade scaffolds
  • railings
  • high-racks
  • machines
  • staircases
  • ladders
  • cable trays
  • canopies
  • hand-rails
  • consoles


  • Make the drill hole
  • Clean the drill hole
  • Prior to inserting the anchor rod into the filled bore hole, the position of the embedment depth shall be marked on the anchor rods. Inject mixture into the hole only when an even colour is flowing. Start filling from the bottom of the hole to avoid air pockets
  • Tighten with a torque spanner to the predetermined value Tinst

Building Material:

  • Concrete C20/25
  • Brick
  • Perforated Brick
  • Lightweight Concrete
  • Calcium silicate brick


Safety Data Sheet
Anchor Design Software


  • Item: MIT-SE Plus Vinylester
  • Brand: Hobson
  • Sub Brand: Mungo
  • Available Sizes: 300ml & 400ml (cartridge)
  • Quantity: Pack of 12