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Hobson Schnorr Bearing Preload Springs K Series

by Hobson
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Product Details:

Two problems continually occupy design engineers using bearings, the reduction in noise and the elimination of play in ball bearings. A solution of both these problems has been achieved by Schnorr working in close cooperation with SKF. The fitting of a special version of our disc springs effectively reduces both problems and frequently results in simpler designs.

Key Advantage
An important advantage of “K“ disc springs is their shape of a simple ring. That ensures an equal bearing surface when multiple discs are installed. As with standard disc springs, here it also applies that in alternating arrangement with the constant force the spring deflections add up, while in case of parallel layering with constant spring deflection the loads add up. As all springs have a strongly digressive spring characteristic, the spring force continues to be almost constant over a large deflection range.
  • The tolerance built up in the assembly can be accommodated without significant change in preload.
  • Length variations due to heat impact are absorbed
  • Any subsequent axial movement of the assembly does not alter the preload significantly.