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Free two-day shipping on domestic orders $350+ (some exclusions apply). Phone to check your item is in stock before picking up

Hobson Schnorr HS Load Washer Plain DIN 267 M20 Pack of 10

by Hobson
$94.08 inc.GST

Load Washers

Schnorr® HS

This safety washer is, in principle, a load washer with a smaller outer diameter than those acc. to DIN 6796. A notable feature of these washers is the slightly curved form which provides a progressively increasing characteristic curve. Despite the smaller outside diameter dimensions this makes it possible to achieve the same load as the load washers acc. to DIN 6796. These washers are primarily used when the space available is insufficient for standardised load washers.

Safety Washer Features:

These load washers conform to DIN 6796, edition Oct. 1987, and are designed for high demands on the protection of bolt joints. As a highly progressive load increase occurs at the end of the spring deflection when the load washer is flattened the load has been indicated as double the calculated value. Tests have shown that these values are comparable with the measured value.

Load Washer Features:

  • High axial load
  • Optimum compensation for setting in the joint
  • Reduction of the dynamic loading of the screw
  • Uniform concentric loading and high safety through a high degree of spring action
  • Suitable for captive fitting on a wide range of bolts (combi bolts)


Load Washer Advantages
HS Dimensions & Technical


  • Item: HS Load Washer
  • Brand: Hobson
  • Sub Brand: Schnorr
  • Metric Size: M20x36.0x5.0
  • Quantity: Pack of 10