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Free two-day shipping on domestic orders $350+ (some exclusions apply). Phone to check your item is in stock before picking up

PFERD 8pc Burr Set 1/4" Shank - TC Inox Stainless

$1,072.27 inc.GST
SKU PFE75604535

8pc Burr Set 1/4" Shank - Tungsten Carbide - Cut INOX Stainless Steel

Exclusive INOX stainless steel cut gives longer and faster cut

Need a range of burrs? Try PFERD's popular burr sets that include a sturdy carry case.

PFERD tungsten carbide burrs are designed for machining materials of virtually any strength. Manufatured in compliance with the highest quality standards.


  • Highest stock removal performance through optimum matching of tungsten carbide, geometry, cut and coating, if necessary
  • Improved comfort with reduced operator fatigue due to innovative cuts for high performance applications
  • Very long tool life and high stock removal rates due to application oriented tool design
  • Reduced wear of the drive system due to impact free work without chatter marks, thanks to the high concentricity

Included Burr Shapes:

  • Cylindrical SA-3
  • Cylindrical SA-5
  • Cylindrical Radius End SC-3
  • Cylindrical Radius End SC-5
  • Tree Radius SF-3
  • Tree Radius SF-5
  • Cone Radius End SL-3
  • Cone Radius End SL-5

Cut Applications:

  • Extremely high stock removal performance on all austenitic, rust- and acid-resistant steels, stainless steel (INOX)
  • Substantially reduced vibration and less noise

Burr Applications:

  • Deburring
  • Contouring
  • Edge chamfering/rounding
  • Milling out in preparation for build up welding
  • Preparation of weld seams/weld dressing
  • Cleaning cast material
  • Modification of workpiece geometry
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  • Item: Tungsten Carbride Burrs
  • Set: 8pc
  • Cut: Inox - Stainless Steel