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Pferd Polico Grinding Cones Alu Oxide 1050mm Pack of 50

$209.65 inc.GST
SKU PFE42831008
Abrasive Cartridge Rolls Cone Type POLICO - Aluminium Oxide

Choose the POLICO size and grit to suit your application.

For work on hard-to-reach areas, PFERD provides POLIROLL¨ and POLICO¨ tools with various
  • shapes,
  • dimensions,
  • abrasives and
  • grit sizes
POLIROLL¨ and POLICO¨ tools consist of a coated abrasive wound in a spiral. The abrasive grain is embedded in the resinoid coating on the strong cloth backing material for maximum abrasive performance.

Self-clamping due to a grooved conical tool holder ensures that the cartridge rolls remain securely attached during use.

  • As the outer abrasive material of POLIROLL¨ cartridge rolls wears off, fresh abrasive grain is exposed
  • Very good stock removal
  • Easy to replace due to special tool holder
Application examples:
  • Deburring work on bores and hard-to-reach areas
  • Dressing fillet weld seams on metal structures
  • Deburring work on castings
Recommendations for use:
  • Always grind using the tip and not the surface, as otherwise the adhesive will be damaged by the heat produced
  • Always position the cartridge rolls with the bonded side towards the tool holder
  • Use grinding oil that is suitable for the material in order to significantly increase the tool life and the abrasive performance of the tools.
Safety notes:
  • The maximum permitted peripheral speed is 11 m/s
  • For safety reasons, it is imperative to remain within the stated maximum permitted rotational speed at all times


  • Item: Abrasive Rolls
  • Grit: 80, 150
  • Quantity: Pack of 50