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Free two-day shipping on domestic orders $350+ (some exclusions apply). Phone to check your item is in stock before picking up

PFERD Car Body Files 299B 350mm C3 1 Pack

$170.56 inc.GST
SKU PFE14101353
PFERD car body files

Perfect not just for automotive body work. They are ideal for any surface work on sheet metal, non-ferrous metals and plastics requiring a particularly smooth and scratchfree finish. The filed surface can be painted immediately after filing. No prior polishing is necessary, as there are no scratches. The positive rake angle, the convex shape and the unsurpassed sharpness of the teeth provide outstanding filing performance and an optimum surface quality for professional users of PFERD milled car body files.

Ideal tooth geometry. The teeth of the car body files are milled from solid material, as distinct from the usual cutting process. Each tooth is designed to ensure that the chip rolls up before the rounded tooth face and is found in the large flute. A special finishing treatment produces razor-sharp tooth edges that give these files outstanding stock removal performance. PFERD car body files are available in six different cuts.

Convex shape prevents formation of scratch marks!
The convex cross section means that the cutting area is not flat, but higher in the middle than around the file edges. The height difference is about 0.4 mm. This special cross-section shape prevents the edges of the file from coming into contact with the workpiece, thus preventing undesired scratches.


  • Item: Car body files
  • Cut: C3
  • Length: 350mm
  • Quantity: Pack of 1