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PFERD Polinox Mount Finishing Wheels SiC PNZ 8050/6

$74.34 inc.GST
SKU PFE44640806
POLINOX Mounted Finishing Wheels Silicon Carbide - 6mm Shank - Surface Conditioning SiC PNZ

Choose the size and grit to suit your application.

The non-woven abrasive flaps are arranged radially with abrasive cloth interlayers. This flap structure permits an improved stock removal and produces a coarser finish.

SiC = Silicon carbide

POLINOX¨ mounted and unmounted grinding wheels are made out of non-woven nylon in which abrasive grit is embedded. The flexible open-cell structure of the non-woven material makes the tools very elastic and ensures cool grinding.

Due to the high flexibility of the non-woven material, the tool will not alter the surface geometry of the workpiece in any way. Different surface textures and roughness levels can be obtained by selecting from a range of grit sizes and tool designs.

  • Cool grinding and low thermal load on the workpiece
  • No clogging of the tool 
Application examples:
  • Producing matt and satin finishes on metals
  • Cleaning of oxidized non-ferrous metals
  • Seamless brush finishing of stainless steel (INOX)
  • Surface roughening of plastics in preparation for adhesive bonding
  • Surface adaptation of weld seams
Recommendations for use:
  • POLINOX¨ mounted and unmounted grinding wheels achieve their best performance at a recommended cutting speed of 10Ð20 m/s. This provides an ideal compromise between stock removal, surface quality, thermal load on the workpiece and tool wear.
  • Flexible shaft drives, electric and airpowered straight grinders can be used as tool drives.
Safety notes:
  • The maximum permitted peripheral speed is 32 m/s
  • For safety reasons, it is imperative to remain within the stated maximum permitted rotational speed at all times


  • Item: Surface Conditioning
  • Grit 100, 180
  • Head Size: 80 x 50mm