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Free two-day shipping on domestic orders $350+ (some exclusions apply)

Ramset ShureDrive™ Drive Anchors Zinc Plated Expansion Nail

by Ramset
$28.85 inc.GST

The ShureDrive Drive Anchor is an all metal light duty, impact setting, interference fit anchor, designed for tamper resistant use in a variety of substrates such as concrete, stone, solid brick, solid block, hollow brick, hollow block and hollow slab.


Material Zinc Alloy Body, Carbon Steel Nail or A4 316 Stainless Steel Nail

Corrosion Protection

Zinc Plating

Head Style - Anchor

Fixing Method Through Fixture
Setting Method Impact
Anchoring Method Interference Fit 
Drilled Hole Diameters 5mm, 6mm
Anchor Lengths 22mm, 30mm, 50mm

Maximum Fixture Thickness’

3mm, 5mm, 25mm
Substrates Concrete, Stone, Solid Brick, Solid Block, Grout Filled Block, Hollow Brick, Hollow Block, Hollow Slab


  • Hammer-in method makes installation quick and easy.
  • Full expansion of the anchor is evident when the head of the expansion nail sits flush with the flange.
  • Once fully set, the ShureDrive™ becomes tamper resistant.
  • The anchor’s large flange prevents pullout.
  • Optional A4 316 Stainless Steel Nail in some sizes


  • Item: ShureDrive Drive Interference Fitanchors Metal Light Duty
  • Brand: Ramset
  • Quantity: Box of 100