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Free two-day shipping on domestic orders $350+ (some exclusions apply)

Ramset Trakfast Gas Tool Mechanical Fuel Injection Safe Operation

by Ramset
$1,597.61 inc.GST
SKU TF1200

For fast installation of partitioning and track, use the Ramset™ TrakFast™ gas tool to provide high volume repetitive fixing into a range of building materials.

Weight 3.8kg
Height 450mm
Length 380mm
Magazine Capacity 40 (+2) pin magazine
Impact Force 77J
Actuation Pressure 5kg
Intermittent Operation 2 pins per second
Fuel Cell Life 1,100 pins (approx)
Battery Charge Capacity 3,000 pins (approx)
Battery Voltage 6V
Battery Amperage 600mA
Battery Charge time 2.5 hours
Power Regulation Automatic
Operating Temperature Range  -5°C to 49°C
Substrates Concrete, Composite Steel Decking, Solid Brick, Precast Concrete, Steel Pre-stressed Concrete, Hollow Block Wall, Reinforced Concrete, Reinforced Prefabricated Concrete 


  • Increased durability and reliability
  • Off Position to prevent draining the battery when tool is not in use
  • Cordless - self powered, no set up time required
  • Sequential actuation - safe operation
  • Tool automatically resets piston
  • Narrow nose and profile to reach inside deep leg track
  • Soft cushioned grip
  • Carrying case
  • Well balanced
  • Mechanical fuel injection
  • Low maintenance


  • Item: Ramset Trakfast Gas Tool with Mechanical Fuel Injection and Safe Operation
  • Quantity: Each

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Technical Information