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Sika® Film 207L Evaporation Control and Finishing Aid Liquid

$1,394.32 inc.GST
SKU SIK166195

Sika® Film is a 1-part liquid which controls the moisture evaporation from the freshly cast concrete flatwork surface in addition to functioning as a finishing aid.


  • Eliminates the need to add water to low slump concrete or spraying water on the concrete surface to aid finishing
  • Good finishing aid to fresh concrete for extra smooth and durable concrete floors
  • Reduces plastic shrinkage cracking caused by evaporation in low humidity conditions such as heat and high winds
  • Finishing aid to fresh concrete that produces little or no bleed water, such as microsilica or air entrained mixes

Where to use

  • All applications where a superior finish is required on concrete flatwork
  • Protects concrete from the effects of excessive moisture loss in rapid drying conditions

Product Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheets


  • Item: Sika® Film
  • Brand: Sika
  • Size: 205-litre drums
  • Colour: Blue liquid
  • Quantity: 1 x 205-litre drums