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Sika Injection 306 Set Permanent Watertight Sealing

$1,506.68 inc.GST
SKU SIK177921

Elastic polyacrylic injection resin used for permanent watertight sealing

Characteristics and Advantages

  • Adjustable curing time between 8 and 50 minutes
  • Permanently elastic, can absorb limited movements
  • Solvent free acrylic resin
  • Capable of reversibly absorbing (swelling) about 75 % by weight and releasing (shrinking) moistureHigh pH-value of 9 to 10Very low viscosity comparable to that of waterCured Sika® Injection-306 is insoluble in water and hydrocarbons and resistant to acids and alkalisEnvironmentally friendly, can be used in ground water protection zones

Where to use

  • Sika® Injection-306 is used for the injection of SikaFuko® injection hoses to seal construction joints
  • Sika® Injection-306 is used to seal water-bearing cracks and voids
  • Sika® Injection-306 is used for making new sealing walls (curtains) in damp or water saturated ground conditions, situated in close proximity to the building component or within the building structure
  • Is used as a post-construction, external injection sealing system for construction and limited movement expansion or drainage pipe joints, that are, or will be, covered with damp or water saturated soil
  • Can also be used for the repair by injection of damaged waterproofing membranes (single and double layer system)

    Product Data Sheet

    Safety Data Sheet Part A

    Safety Data Sheet Accelerator


    • Component A (Resin): 2 x 8kg
    • Accelerator: 1 x 1kg
    • Hardener powder: 4 x 40g
    • Measuring cup: 1 piece