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Sika MonoTop 620 Concrete Panel Patch

$67.11 inc.GST
SKU SIK411126

Sika MonoTop 620

Sika MonoTop-620 is a cementitious polymer modified mortar containing Silica Fume for use as a finishing and protective top coat for concrete repair patches.

Characteristics & Advantages
  •  One component system requires only the addition of water.
  • Easily applied and worked.
  • Adjustable consistency to suit application.
  • High mechanical strengths.
  • Excellent bonding to substrate.
  • Frost resistant.
  • Protective barrier against reinforcement corrosion.
  • Non toxic.
Where to use

As a thin layer fairing or sealing skim coat to concrete, mortar patches and screeds, in vertical, horizontal and overhead applications.

Restores the appearance of honeycombed or surface impaired concrete caused by faulty formwork. Provides a continuous dense and smooth surface that will allow protective and other architectural coatings to be applied free of pin holes.

As a thin skin protective seal coat to concrete where the reinforcement is susceptible to corrosion.
As a repair and reprofiling mortar for concrete joint edges, corner fillets etc.

For use in conjunction with the Sika MonoTop concrete repair system:
  • Sika MonoTop-610 Bonding Mortar Protection.
  • Sika MonoTop-615 HB Patching Mortar.
  • Sika MonoTop-620 Fairing Coat.


  • Item: Sika MonoTop 620
  • Quantity: Bag of 1
  • Size: 12kg