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Sikagard 680S Clear Glaze 10L Pail

$238.82 inc.GST
SKU SIK92563

Sikagard® 680s

Sikagard-680S is a 1-component methacrylic resin based protective and decorative coating. Sikagard-680S protects concrete and most mineral-based substrates against aggressive atmospheres, moisture ingress and carbonation. Sikagard-680S allows two way water vapour diffusion enabling the treated structure to breathe.

Characteristics and Advantages

  •  Excellent barrier to carbonation and chloride ions.
  • Highly weather and UV light resistant.
  • Water vapour permeable.
  • Proven worldwide for over 20 years.
  • Will not flake or peel if correctly applied.
  • Self cleaning.
  • Easily applied.
  • Resistant to rain approximately 1.5 hours after application.
  • Excellent resistance to yellowing and chalking.
  • Prevents moisture ingress.
  • Easily over coated; whenever maintenance is required (normally after a minimum period of 10 years), simply clean down and apply of a refresher coat.
  • Slight colour shade differences of concrete can be corrected.
  • Can be used as a concrete curing membrane particularly in slip-forming where curing and protective coating is affected in one operation.

Where to use

  • Sikagard-680S may be used to overcoat most mineral substrates including concrete, stone, fibrous cement, suitable brickwork and blockwork. Sikagard-680S is ideally suited as a final protective coating in concrete repair and building façade refurbishment work to halt the process of carbonation, aggressive ion infiltration and other atmospheric contamination.

Product Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet


  • Item: Sikagard 680S
  • Brand: Sika
  • Quantity: 1 x 10L Pail
  • Size: 10L
  • Colour: Clear
  • Appearance: Liquid