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SikaTop Armatec 110 Epocem Kit 8kg Kit

$80.63 inc.GST
SKU SIK159079
SikaTop® Armatec®-110 EpoCem® is a cementitious epoxy resin compensated 3-component coating material with corrosion inhibitor, used as bonding primer and reinforcement corrosion protection. SikaTop® Armatec®-110 EpoCem® meets the requirement of EN 1504-7.

  • Contains EpoCem® technology - improved bonding agent
  • Extended open times for repair mortars
  • Compatible with most Sika MonoTop® repair mortars
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete and steel
  • Contains corrosion inhibitor
  • Certified for application under dynamic load conditions
  • Good resistance to water and chloride penetration
  • High shear strength
  • Long pot life
  • Easy to mix
  • Can be brushed on or applied using spray gun
  • 2mm cured material equivalent to approx. 50mm of Concrete
Where to use
  • Suitable for control of anodic areas (Principle 11, method 11.1 EN 1504-9)
  • Suitable in concrete repair as corrosion protection for reinforcement.
  • Suitable as a bonding primer on concrete and mortar
  • Suitable for Increasing cover in Low Cover Concrete rectification.


  • Item: SikaTop® Armatec®-110 EpoCem®
  • Brand: Sika
  • Size: 8 kg: A (0.457 kg) + B (1.143 kg) + C (6.4 kg)
  • Colour:
    • Mixed components - Dark Grey
    • Component A - White Liquid
    • Component B - Colourless Liquid
    • Component C - Dark Grey Powder