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Soudal Firecryl FR Fire-resistant, Smoke-tight 600ml Box of 12

by Soudal
$131.92 inc.GST
SKU SOU131478
Firecryl FR is a one-component intumescent plastoelastic joint sealant based on acrylic dispersions.


  • Resist the passage of fire and smoke
  • Fire resistant up to 4 hours with PE backer rod (EN 1366 Part 4-NBN713.020- BS 476/20)
  • Intumescent in contact with fire
  • Swells when exposed to temperatures in excess of 120°C
  • Stays elastic and can be painted over
  • Colourfast and waterproof after curing
  • Very good adhesion on many porous surfaces
  • Can be painted over after curing


    • Interior fire-resistant applications
    • Fire-resistant sealing compound for cracks in concrete and plaster
    • Fire-resistant connection joints in the building industry
    • Fire-resistant joints with movements up to 10%.


    Technical Data Sheet
    Safety Data Sheet
    VOC Certificate
    Test Report (Plasterboard)
    Test Report (AAC)


    • Item - Firecryl FR
    • Brand - Soudal
    • Size - 600 mL sausage
    • Qty/Carton - 12