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Soudal Soudaprim DP Pink 5L Box of 4

by Soudal
$165.82 inc.GST
SKU SOU126574

Soudaprim DP is a polymer dispersion with a plasticizer, a flow controlling agent and preservation additives. It is fast-drying through water evaporation, ready to use and solvent free. The very fine particles making it a sealer, and its very low viscosity, give it a higher penetrating capacity compared to other primers. Soudaprim DP penetrates completely in the substrate, resulting in a higher cohesive strength of the latter. Once applied on a level surface and cured, it can be coated with a liquid membrane such as Soudagum LM or Soudaproof FX.

Features & Benefits

  • ‘Ready to Use’. Just stir thoroughly before use
  • High coverage
  • Deep penetration nano-particles
  • Solvent-free
  • Easy to apply
  • Fast application. Dry after appr. 1 hour
  • Strengthens substrate
  • Limits absorbtion by substrate
  • Binds dust


Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet


  • Item - Soudaprim DP - Primer for Liquid Membrane
  • Brand - Soudal
  • Size - 5L
  • Qty/Carton - 4