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Soudal Soudaseal 215LM

by Soudal
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SKU SOUD000026
Soudaseal 215LM is a high quality, neutral, elastic, 1-component joint sealant based on MS-Polymer. Soudaseal 215LM is part of the SOUDAL WINDOW SYSTEM.
– Tested and in accordance with ISO 11600 F-25LM.
– Good adhesion to most common substrates, even on slightly wet substrates
– Easy to tool, extrude (even at low temperatures) and finish in all weather conditions.
– Permanent elastic after curing
– No odour
– No bubble formation within sealant in high temperature and humidity applications.
– Primerless application on many substrates (except where water pressure may occur)
– Can be painted with water based systems
– Good colour stability, weather and UV resistance
– Ecological advantages – free of isocyanates, solvents, halogens and acids
– Expansion and connection joints in the building industry: sealing of joints in prefabricated buildings, sealing between window and door frames,…
– Sealing of joints in automotive and marine applications.
– Applications where the sealant needs to be overpainted with water based paints and varnishes.